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10 Must Have Superfoods your kids need to fight Coronavirus!


When it comes to children's immunity, parents would go to any length to boost their child's immune system. What if there were proven ways to build immune function while nourishing their young bodies and minds?

We've compiled a list of our favorite immune system boosting superfoods we use for children and adults alike!

#10 Elderberry


Elderberries are an incredibly easy way to build a child's immune system. This medicinal berry can be made into a syrup and given daily as a preventative measure. The deep black or purple of the elderberry is proof of the amount of minerals within. Elderberries have strong antiviral agents that can disable a viruses ability to enter a cell and replicate. These sweet tasting medicinal berries are also high in iron which is a must for a strong immune system.

#9 Dulse


Going down the color spectrum a bit, let's get to know this beautiful red seaweed. Dulse is a great way to get protein, minerals, vitamins like B-12, iron, calcium and potassium for your child. Dulse has been eaten for centuries across Europe and has a mild taste unlike kelp, bladderwrack or other medicinal seaweeds. Dulse is also high in iodine which is essential for immunity against superbugs and viral invaders. Add this to smoothies or soups, to keep your child healthy and nourished.

#8 Chlorella


This dark green single celled algae is packed with pure sunlight in the form of chlorophyll. It's almost tasteless when blended with fruits so slipping a few grams a day into a smoothie or fruit juice isn't too hard. Chlorella is a safe way to help children detox from heavy metal toxins and other chemical pollutants they may be dealing with. Children who might be dealing with mercury poisoning or vaccination injury may greatly benefit from chlorella. Chlorella is a must have for kids and should be stored your medicine cabinet (i.e. your pantry) for it contains what is called Chlorella Growth Factor, which has been shown to help children develop to be strong, healthy and smart. 

#7  Camu Camu


So this one here is like nature's vitamin C pill! It is LOADED with vitamin C! You'll more than likely find this one in powder form and it has a citrus taste. You'll definitely want to add this to your arsenal of healing foods for your child. Vitamin C is essential for immunity against viruses. Just one teaspoon of camu camu is over 1000% of your daily recommended dosage! With fast food diets kids are getting adults illnesses and adults are getting older faster. Curb your oxidative stress, inflammation and aging process with this berry from South America.

#6 Moringa


This food has been recommended for all malnourished population of the world. Throughout Asia and Africa, this tree provides nourishment through her leaves that are so safe that babies, nursing and pregnant mothers can benefit from. Moringa is the mother tree that builds up bodies with proteins, protects the liver, fights inflammation, balances hormones and boosts happy hormones (may help depression). As a parent living in today's world of pandemics, I'd start planting my moringa tree today!

#5 Tumeric


The best way to take medicine is to eat it! Superfoods that can heal and prevent illness are to be used as foods in everyday meals. Tumeric is a popular root that's been used for centuries throughout the world to help children with asthma or just chest congestion. Tumeric gently cleanses the liver which helps issues like eczema or acne. Be sure when cooking up the next cure in your kitchen laboratory to add black pepper to the concoction. Piperine an ingredient in black pepper increases the bioavailability of curcumin which one of tumeric's main healing components by 2000%!

#4 Baobab


Indigenous to West Africa, this powdery fruit is another great addition to your pantry. Mainly made into a drink or ice cream baobab is packed with minerals, fibre important for digestion and healthy blood sugar. All parts of the massive tree are used as food and medicine for diseases like malaria, tuberculosis and diarrhea. Add this to your smoothy to ensure feeling full. Great for over eaters trying shed off a few more pounds

#3 Garlic


Garlic, another culinary wonder of the world has many therapeutic and medicinal properties. This sulfur containing aromatic herb is great for spicing up a dish as well as keeping as fighting heart disease and high blood pressure. A delicious spice to spruce up any dinner. The compounds within garlic are so readily accepted by the cells of your body that if you place half a clove of garlic on the bottom of your feet in a few minutes your breath smell of garlic! To use is medicinally make sure its raw and organic! Liquefying it in the blender then adding it at the tale end of recipes while cooking helps keep antiviral compounds intact.

#2 Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide


Having a food grade hydrogen peroxide handy is a must in these times of insecurity. For dooms day scenarios, small amounts of it can kill harmful bacteria in water, for more practical scenarios it can be the base of a hand sanitizer to disinfect from playgrounds or outings. A spray bottle with peroxide, 70% isopropyl alcohol, essential oils like sage, rosemary or oregano and some aloe vera gel is an essential tool in your medicinal travel pack.

#1 Iodine


Iodine is so important to brain development that when it was introduced in the form of iodized salt to Americans in 1924 it raised the country's IQ by one full standard deviation which is 15 points! Iodine also feeds the thyroid gland which is an important part of immune health. Iodine protects this important gland against radiation... Is Fukushima still leaking???! You can easily incorporate iodine into your child's diet by eating more seaweeds like kelp, nori, wakame, bladderwrack or dulse, or you can supplement by using a lugol's solution (you may want to start with 2%). This is a lab made iodine solution that can be taken internally or absorbed directly in to the skin!

Superfoods are Super Fun! They're Super Good for Everyone! Excerpt from Superfoods Are Super Fun by Dr. Pooch

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