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COVID-19 Natural Air Purifiers For Kids

During these times of self imposed and possibly soon new mandatory quarantine orders, families, room mates and couples will be sharing the same air for long periods of time. Luckily, nature has given us solutions to every one of our problems. 

If COVID-19 is airborne, we must do what we can to purify the air we breath. Spraying chemical aerosols like Lysol all day to kill the virus isn't a viable healthy solution. To find a solution with only benefits and no harmful chemicals that may effect our children's health, let's dig through nature's medicine bag to see what herbs she so lovingly offers in our time of need.  

Sage was once called Salvia in Latin which is derived from a word that means "health". Sage of course in the English language means "a wise person". Either variation of the name suggest this herb is an important healer. Not only is sage good for memory and brain health but it may reduce blood sugar levels and is excellent for women's menopausal issues. All of these benefits of course are using the herb internally. 

Burning or smudging with sage is like adding fuel to the fire, for when this dried plant is set ablaze bacteria's of all kinds have very little chance of survival. Studies show that sage burned in room for one hour (with the aid of burning wood) was able to effectively kill 94% of bacteria AND maintain air quality for 24 hours in a closed room! Some bacteria were still unable to survive after 30 days of the room having been smudged AND the room being open!!! Sage is some powerful stuff!

Burning sage significantly reduces bacterias, molds, fungus and other airborne pathogens.  Breathing in the vapors of sage smoke could prove to be helpful in existing pulmonary issues like bronchitis, asthma or allergies. In these times of stress and uncertainty burning sage can lift your mood and change the magnetic field around you. Negative energy sometimes feels like a weight on you, so changing the ionic field that negative or fearful thoughts have created by burning sage could become your new daily ritual.  

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