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Economic Ways to Keep Kids Safe During the COVID-19 Outbreak

No matter how calm we remain, being proactive about personal hygiene is of upmost importance. With cities across America on "Safer at Home" measures and stores with very low supplies, it may be a good idea to start making products of your own to help keep your families safe.

Lysol may be soldout throughout America but many do not know that the active ingredient that kills 99.9% of bacterias and viruses in Lysol is simply, Hydrogen Peroxide. Yup, that brown bottle that keeps for years (up to 3 years left unopened) in your medicine cabinet. As long as there still some fizz in there when poured into your sink it still works! The fizz is actually the liquid blasting bacterias with oxygen! 

In our bodies, our own immune systems activate certain "killer cells" to begin producing hydrogen peroxide in response to a bacterial invasion to immediately resolve the issue. Hydrogen peroxide is thus a natural product that is no more than 2 molecules of hydrogen and 2 molecules of oxygen (H2O2). Yes, just 2 molecules away from H20 (aka water)! But don't go drinking bottles of hydrogen peroxide just yet, internal use is not medically advised as it may cause blockages in veins and arteries due to its high oxidative properties.

There are opposing opinions on the internal usage of hydrogen peroxide for human use, however horticulturalist will readily admit that hydrogen peroxide acts as an oxygen supplement for plants helping them grow strong and healthy. It also may help with soil fungus which is not surprising due to its extra oxygen molecule. 

At high enough concentrations, Hydrogen Peroxide will "burn" the skin and leave it white as snow for a day or two. This is why using food grade 35% or higher concentrations have been strongly warned against. Most people are bad at math and didn't go very far in chemistry class so I could understand the warning. Store bought peroxide is at a safer low 3% concentration. Food grade is typically used in industrial food preparations to sanitize and disinfect.

A range of disinfectant products can be made with hydrogen peroxide. From hand sanitizer to home made wipes, anything that needs cleaning, this solution can do it! To start your own experiments with hydrogen peroxide and keeping germ/virus free use this recipe to make your own Do It Yourself hand sanitizer! What you'll need:

If you only have 3% store bought add 70% isopropyl alcohol to increase effectiveness. Add a 3:1 solution (3 parts hydrogen peroxide to 1 part alcohol)

  • 3 parts 35% Hydrogen Peroxide
  • 1 part 70-90% Isopropyl Alcohol 
  • 1 part aloe vera gel (to moisten hands)
  • few drops of essential oil (sage, eucalyptus, tea tree, oregano, clove etc...)

You can then add this mixture to a spray bottle when you're on the go and make sure your kids disinfect when coming in from outside of the home.

* It is our suggestion to use Hydrogen Peroxide with any sign of Corona viral infection. Here's how: Since COVID-19 occupies the ear, throat and nose passages (which are ALL connected) try using a q-tip soaked in peroxide and allow the liquid to drain inside the ear by lying down. Do this on each side every hour or 2. Gargling may help eliminate virus/bacteria in throat.




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