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Hemp Milk does a body good!

As 70's and 80's babies, we've been bombarded with ads about how cow's milk is an essential part of growing strong and healthy. Cow's milk which is of course an ideal source of nutrition for calves may NOT be ideal for optimal human development! 

Let's break this conversation down to its simplest form...

Lactose and Casein are by far the most controversial components of cow's milk. The issue is lactose, which is broken apart in to 2 basic sugars: Glucose and Galactose. Each of these are found in human breast milk so no problem there. The problem ensues when they are still linked together and there is no "Lactase" enzyme to break the Lactose carbs apart to make it digestible. Lactase enzymes cease to be produced in some people when they grow up. Naturally, they wouldn't need milk anymore so the body's intelligence shuts down the production of that enzyme. We get problems when we don't have that enzyme (lactose intolerance) and continue to consume dairy product.

The second issue is Casein. The casein in cow's milk is very thick and difficult for human digestion. Caseins are very sticky and historically have been used as a main ingredient for glue. Have you ever wondered why Elmer's glue has a picture of a cow?! 

Cow's have more intricate stomachs with more compartments than humans. They are able to process more proteins, as a calf would need much more than a human. 

These are just some of the issues with milk. Pesticides like Atrazine which are known chemical endocrine disruptors (gender benders) are well known and documented in milks across the nation etc...

So what's the solution? Plant based milks such as almond (which may contain dangerous oxalates) and cashew (which contain a toxic chemical when consumed raw) may provide some comfort when we miss our favorite dairy snack but I believe Hemp Milk is the best of the best! 

Hemp is a complete protein and its deep roots ensure a mineral-rich product that is easy for children AND adults to assimilate and digest! Hemp is excellent for the environment and is known to heal the land on which it grows! Hemp milk is easy to make... Just put 1/2 cup of seeds in a 3 cups of water add coconut oil and 2 dates and voila! 

You can thank me later!


Dr. Pooch

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