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How to Keep Asthmatic Children Safe From Coronavirus

Prevention is the best form of medicine and when it comes to super viruses like the COVID-19. Fortifying the lungs of our young ones should be our top priority. As we now know respiratory illness is strongly associated with the virus thus, any additional difficulty with the lungs of our children with a chronic condition such as asthma or bronchitis during a viral attack could prove to be fatal. 

The lungs are at the center of our body's breathing system (respiratory system) which carry oxygen to literally every cell in our bodies! Oxygen is so important that any cell, group of cells or organs not receiving proper oxygenation will stop working and cease to be. Oxygen is at the center of our existence on this planet. Without it or without the ability to properly distribute this great gas we would simply perish. So what can we do to increase our body's oxygen?

Increasing your child's body's oxygen level will strengthen their immune system and as a result make it harder for viruses to survive. Oxygen is the great destroyer of disease, why wait to receive an oxygen mask when you can start your child's body's increased oxygenation today!

1. Make Sure Your Child Eats and Drinks Iron Rich Foods!


Iron binds with oxygen so if you want more oxygen for your child, prepare iron rich foods like burdock root. Burdock root is not only made as a tea but cooked in certain cultures. Koreans call it Gobo. Another food to keep in the pots are seaweeds which give great support to the lungs, helping your lungs rid mucus-filled bronchial tubes and of course are also high in iron. Other medicinal herbs for the lungs include Stinging Nettle, Mullein and Star Anise.

2. Open the Windows and Breath!

open winder

With global pollution levels at an all time low, it might be a good idea to open the windows, take a brisk walk, or just sit and enjoy the fresh air. Sitting under trees or around nature will further increase the quality and amount of oxygen your child receives. 

3. Get indoor plants!

indoor plants

Plants are the reason we are able survive on this beautiful planet. We should be thankful to them and make space for them in our homes. Not only is it fun to care for plants but children can also benefit from the purified oxygen of a range of indoor plants. Some of my favorites are the Rubber Fig, Succulents and the Arrowhead plant. As an added bonus, many plants like Succulents and Cacti are proven to absorb radiation thus decreasing your child's exposure to harmful electromagnetic waves. 

4. Turn off the 5G wifi!


Turning off your wifi, minimizing use or using 2G networks could prove to be a viable method of increasing or just maintaining your child's oxygen levels. Some experts in the field are warning that 5G's 60GHz bandwidth is the same as the atmospheric oxygen molecule absorption, basically, this frequency may disrupt our body's ability to absorb oxygen. Is it mere coincidence that China just rolled out 130,000 5G base stations in 50 cities throughout the country including Wuhan where the super virus outbreak allegedly began?!

5. Exercise and Play!

mommy exercise

With kids, exercise is simply a game of tag or some other physical activity. Children are not meant to be sedentary especially with pulmonary conditions. Activity is key even in times of being "safe at home". Exercise that slightly increases the heart rate is ideal. If space is an issue try games that require lots of stationary movements like squats, getting up off the ground or jumping. 

6. Eat and Drink Your Greens!

green drink

Chlorophyll is sunlight in food form. It provides an environment for oxygen rich blood and healthy immune systems. Chlorophyll is what makes plants green, it is the "blood" of the plants and studies as well as human history suggest it helps build  up healthy human blood. 

7. Breathe Deep!  

deep breath

What better way to increase your child's oxygen lung capacity then to breathe deeply. Breathing exercises have been known to reduce stress, worry, doubt, fear and increase presence of mind, mood and lung capacity. 


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