Easy Ways To Improve Your Child’s Sleep

improve your kids sleep
improve your kids sleep

If your child is having trouble sleeping or staying asleep, it could be from a wide range of causes, from their activity during the day, to a lack of bedtime routine. Here are some tips that will help your kids fall asleep faster and have an easier time staying asleep.

Create a Regular Bedtime Routine

With kids, it is all about routines. This is what is going to train your child’s body and mind to be prepared for sleep. If every night is different, it is going to be really hard for their body to understand when it is time to rest and get good sleep. Plus, by having a regular routine, you can determine when their last meal should be, and when to start winding down to be more restful for bedtime.

Make Sure They Have a Cozy Bedroom

Do your part in ensuring their bedroom is set up for proper sleep. With the décor, try to get rid of all the bright and bold colors, which can keep them energized and alert in the evening when they’re supposed to be sleeping. Try to get them used to sleeping in the dark, preferably without a night light, or a very dim one. Balance the temperature in their room with a fan or de-humidifier. Take away their electronics, so that they aren’t tempted to use them before bed.

Get Enough Exercise During the Day

Moving your body during the day is what really helps to be tired enough in the evenings. You don’t want exercise to be too close to bedtime, or it can have the opposite effect. Instead, try to schedule activity time for a few hours before bedtime at the least. This might be an after-dinner walk, or exercise earlier in the day for kids who get home from school early or are homeschooled.

Start Winding Down Early

When adults have a bedtime routine, it typically involves activities that get them well rested before bed, such as watching TV, reading a book, or taking a bath. The same concept works for your kids. Instead of getting them too stimulated before bed, you want your kids to relax. This might be a good time to have them sit and color at the dining room table, read a bedtime story, or take a bath if that tends to calm them. Take time relaxing as a family well before bedtime so your kids are more tired by the time their head hits the pillow.

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