Get Well Johnny Book Series

Get Well Johnny 6 Book Set


The Get Well Johnny kids books set is the perfect way to introduce holistic health to children K-3rd grade. With childhood obesity at an all time high and diabetes a common ailment, health literacy is the best form of medicine and prevention for our children today and generations to come.


Health literacy is not taught in schools, yet utilizing the Get Well Johnny books, children become more aware of the innate greatness of natural products. Whether at home or an academic environment, holistic health literacy reminds adults of what children inherently know… health is wealth.

Book 7 - Water Is Life


Water is alive with form and memory. This fun tale illustrates Get Well Johnny and his superfood friends enjoying the many uses of this miracle liquid. Together, they encourage readers to hydrate with the best liquid our earth has to offer. This is a great book to encourage children to gain awe and affection for the single most important resource on earth: water. This book contains interactive exercises, recipes and more.

Book 8 - Toxic Tales


Summer is a wonderful season to keep children engaged and learning. Get Well Johnny spends his summertime fun with his friend for a day of in-home detoxification. From below the kitchen sink to the dinner table, toxins must be cautiously eliminated, properly disposed of and consciously replaced with non-toxic, eco-friendly natural solutions. This book includes interactive exercises, recipes and more.

Book 9 - Sugar And Salt Are Always At Fault


Consuming refined sugars and salts in highly processed foods often result in high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, tooth decay and more. Get Well Johnny demonstrates the typical junk food diet children are increasingly being exposed to has devastating, long-lasting effects. But, by consciously reversing our dietary trends towards true nutrition one can ultimately reverse the effects of chronic illness over time. This book is a perfect introduction into the dangers of refined sugars and salts. This book includes interactive exercises, recipes and more.

Book 10 - Inflammation Nation


Get Well Johnny has a very hot topic he’d like to share with the world and fellow children: Chronic inflammation leads to disease! But, by eating the right foods one can eliminate the inflammation wherever it presents itself. This fun and highly insightful story draws children’s attention towards the relationship between what one eats and the effect of how food makes the body feel. This book includes interactive exercises, recipes, and more.

Book 11 - Everything Is Energy


Energy is never lost or created, merely transformed. Everything in and outside of our earth generates energy or stores it. Get Well Johnny discovers the wonderful world of clean, renewable energy. This type of energy can dramatically change the way we live and move about our planet. From city streets to ocean waves, Johnny realizes energy is not only all around him but in him as well! This book is a perfect introduction to alternative energy sources for children. This book includes interactive exercises, recipes, and more.