How Kids Can Practice Self-Care

kids self-care
self-care for kids

Self-care has been a trending topic for a few years now, but most of the focus is on adults. For good reason, since as a parent, you probably get very little time to yourself. But what about kids? They also have a stressful, challenging young life, and need a little self-care focus as well. That is what this article will be going over.

ScreenFree Activities to do with Your Kids

To start with, you not only can encourage your kids to go screen-free, but also do it yourself. This is a great way to have more family bonding time and reduce overall screen usage. This helps to promote more self-care activities not related to computers or phones, such as writing in a journal, coloring, doing crafts, or just going outside for some fun exercise. 

Remember that self-care doesn’t have to complicated or even cost any money. It is all about de-stressing and just doing something for yourself, and the same goes for your kids.

Ensuring They Get Good Sleep

Everyone needs better quality sleep, and your children are no exception. Sleep is one of the best ways to practice self-care since it is easy to do, can be done anywhere, and won’t cost you anything. If your kids aren’t getting adequate rest at night, mom or dad to the rescue! You can help them by improving their bedroom’s lighting or temperature, getting a white noise machine, or even changing their bedtime routine.

Self-Care Through Proper Health and Nutrition

Overall health and wellness of your kids is just as important as any other form of self-care. In fact, when you think of adults who practice self-care, they often start with things that are good for their health, like doing yoga, drinking lemon water, or having a nutritious breakfast every morning.

Use the same principles with your kids by ensuring their nutrition is well balanced, but that they also really enjoy what they are eating. 

Journaling for Self-Care

Let kids in on the joy of journaling! It is so wonderful for kids to learn, helping them to express gratitude, process their feeling and emotions, and learn how to write. You can find fun prompts for kids, or just let them write about whatever they want. Give them small goals, like writing for 15 minutes, or just filling up one page in their journal every day. There really are so many amazing benefits to kids who write in a journal.

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