Key Tips To Avoiding Seasonal Illnesses

preventing seasonal illnesses in kids
preventing seasonal illnesses in kids

Seasonal illnesses like the cold or flu are very common, but in some cases, can be disastrous for your household. Kids with low immune systems are at much greater risk of complications from the flu, and with the cold, it seems to keep spreading from one family member to the next. The best thing you can do is try to avoid these illnesses entirely.

Encourage Hand-Washing

When you notice your little ones aren’t taking the time to wash their hands properly, you may soon have children with colds. Show them how to thoroughly wash their hands with soap and water and how to dry off entirely. Set up a timer in the bathroom too so that kids are washing their hands for the correct amount of time. 

Discourage Sharing

While you certainly want your kids to learn how to share their toys and books, you don’t want them sharing water bottles and the like, especially during cold and flu seasons. You can talk to your littles ones about positive and negative types of sharing. Make sure to model this behavior. If you’re always sharing drinks with your friends, your kids might mirror your actions. 

Head Outside

During the coldest months, going outdoors is unlikely to be a possibility. During the rest of the year, however, encourage activities that take the kids outdoors. Instead of spending day after day in a crowded indoor play space filled with coughs and sneezes, hit the park or sign up for a membership at the local pool. 

Demonstrate Healthy Habits

Strong day-to-day health can help your kids to fight off diseases. Implement a routine of healthy eating and exercise into the routines of all of your family members. For example, you might look into a volleyball league where adults and kids can play. Also, you can try out new recipes together in the kitchen. Make sure that your kids are getting enough sleep each night. 

Stay Home

In the event that your kids are showing signs of the cold or flu, you do certainly want to go to the doctor. However, you should allow your kids to stay home from school so that they can rest and recover. Cancelling plans for the next few days can help the whole family. 

Seasonal illnesses are difficult to avoid as germs can hide virtually anywhere. While you may not be able to permanently avoid all illnesses forever, you can surely take steps to better the health of your children and to build a defense against disease.

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