Steiner Education…  Is It Right For Your Family?

Steiner Education… Is It Right For Your Family - Holistic Parenting
Steiner Education… Is It Right For Your Family - Holistic Parenting

As many more parents grow disillusioned with the public school system, there is a growing need for different education options. Steiner education is one of those possible alternatives for many families. 

What is Steiner education? 

The first Steiner school was opened in 1919 by Rudolf Steiner. 

In a nutshell, Steiner education emphasises on the whole child and meeting those needs – physical, academic, spiritual and emotional. Steiner education understands that children develop at different rates and that pushing a child too early is not good. 

There is a lot of emphasis on building everyday practical skills such as cooking, gardening and cleaning. Steiner education is non-competitive and testing is not standard. 

Is Steiner education right for your family? 

This is only a question each family can answer. All families have different needs and perspectives – what’s right for one may not be for the other. However, if you’re considering Steiner education for your children here are a few key points:

* Steiner education allows your child to learn at their own pace. There is no rush to get kids through to the next level or to pass a standardized test. Instead the emphasis is on letting your child’s love of learning (an inbuilt instinct) develop naturally and at their own pace. 

* Steiner education will teach your child practical life skills and also believes that learning through play and imagination is an important part of development for children. 

* Steiner education teaches children to respect and value each other and those around them. Many Steiner educated children are very social and able to interact with people from all backgrounds and ages. Steiner education also places a strong emphasis on social awareness for the world around us. 

* Steiner schools are socially inclusive. The schools are non-elitist and accept children from all backgrounds, faiths, and ethnicities. The emphasis is on accepting people as they are and for who they are. 

Steiner education is not for everyone but for many parents it’s an excellent education choice. The best option for any parent interested in Steiner education is to visit their local Steiner school to learn more. You can also find a range of excellent books on the topic. 

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