Teaching Kids To Care For Their Skin

kid skincare
kid skincare

The skin is the largest organ that you are given and it needs to last a lifetime. As the largest and fastest growing organ that you have, it’s important to take care of it. You can teach your children to take care of their skin starting at a very young age. This will help them avoid issues later in life and make good skin care a habit, like brushing teeth.

The main things to teach your child are:

* Keeping their skin clean

* Protecting their skin from the sun

* Taking care of damage immediately 

How to Stay Clean

Teach your children that keeping their body clean is important. Keeping clean involves just washing with mild soap and water periodically to ensure that the dirt and oils are washed away. Too much washing can dry out the skin, but too little washing can cause clogged pores and even bad smells. Most children don’t want to smell bad and will want to keep clean, and will comply if it’s taught to them daily – just like you do when you teach them to brush their teeth.

How to Avoid Sun Damage

Sun damage is something that can be avoided in numerous ways. Teach your child to apply their own sunscreen as soon as they’re old enough to go outside alone. There are many types of sunscreen that you can get that are safe for kids. Also teach your children to wear eye protection, clothing and hats that help cover some of their skin and protect it from the sun’s damaging rays. These habits will pay off later in life.

How to Treat Wounds and Damage

Teach your child to tell you if they’re hurt right away. Also talk about things like dry skin, rashes, and other issues that they should report to you if they notice it. This will help you address any damage to the skin immediately. Untreated wounds can become infected and the infection can spread, and some are very dangerous. Most wounds will heal by washing with mild soap and water then applying antiseptic ointment, then keeping covered to avoid infection.

How to Wash Their Face

Caring for the skin on the face might require extra care. As your child ages, teach them to wash their face a couple of times a day with gentle soap and water. In some cases a non-clogging and non-oil moisturizer should be used as well. This advice goes for both boys and girls as they both need moisture if they’re dried out. Washing the face before or after they brush their teeth is a good way to do it – twice a day, morning and night. Getting rid of the oil, dead skin, and dirt will help your child avoid clogged pores and pimples.

Making skincare a topic of conversation from the time your child is little, just like you teach them other things, will go far in helping them learn to take care of their skin without any thought at all. It’ll become a normal part of their routine and become a habit like teeth brushing.

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