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Dr. Pooch Foundation is a Non-Profit Tax-Exempt Organization focused on providing Early Holistic Health Education. Your much needed donations go towards programs and more educational content to motivate and empower our children. Thank you!

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Dr. Pooch’s book series is informative, engaging and fun. His comprehensive approach to teaching kids about health and wellness while providing age appropriate activities, is uniquely transforming the way kids think about their own health. I highly recommend the books for parents, educators or anyone interested in learning how to live a healthier lifestyle.”


-Dr. Hattie Mitchell Founder of Crete Academy

"Thank you so much for sharing your books with me. It was such a nice gesture, and I appreciate your thoughtfulness. As you know, improving the health of our Nation's families is one of my top priorities..."

Michelle Obama Former First Lady of the U.S.A

Dr. Pooch visited my 1st Grade class in South LA. He read one of his books and conducted an activity to go with it. The class really enjoyed it. Afterward he donated a set of his books that I use throughout the school year, both for read alouds and independent reading time. It has been a great aide in helping me fulfill my goal to teach healthy habits to my students and their families. 



Mr. Long ICEF Elementary School Teacher
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