We all want the same thing: to raise health literate, capable, cooperative, responsible and respectful children who will grow into emotionally healthy and authentic adults, connected to themselves and their purpose.

My vision is to connect and inspire families and communities so that they feel empowered to raise children who are wholly connected with themselves, to others and to the earth we live in.

About Dr. Pooch

Hassan, who adopted Dr. Pooch as a childhood nickname, began his personal holistic health journey in  2012. After extensive training in holistic healing systems for both children and adults, he began building his holistic health practice. 

Since then, he has worked broadly within the Los Angeles school district and has been successful in the implementation of holistic approaches to addressing, correcting and improving childhood behavioral issues, academic delays and emotional health. Coupled with his passion for Hip Hop and creative writing, spawned the world’s first early holistic health curriculum: The Get Well Johnny 12.

Dr. Pooch is on a mission to train and educate families the fundamentals of holistic health through his books and creative educational content.

What Our Clients Say


Your generous gift to the Dr. Pooch Foundation will live on in the long, healthy lives of children who get the education they need. Donations go towards providing books, programs and services to lower income families and neighborhoods.