Upcoming Books

Book 1 - Sugar From Nature Is Always Fine


Our most popular seller, this children’s book identifies in a clever and memorable way the difference between natural and refined sugars. This health book for kids can be used with grades K-3rd.

The interactive portion includes a recipe, interactive games, and exercises, a note to parents, 

as well as a color me section.

Book 2 - Superfoods Are Super Fun


Perfect for young boys and girls, this book highlights the importance of eating Superfoods in your everyday diet. Get motivated to be the best you can be with high quality nutrient dense foods that provide energy and immune protection.

This book is equipped with a great recipe, as well as fun games and exercises.

Superfoods are super fun, they’re super good for everyone!!!!

Book 3 - Whole Food Is Better


In a world of processed junk food, the importance of eating whole foods should be emphasized at as early an age as possible. Discover what whole foods are and why they’re necessary for a healthy mind and body.

This awesome story is reinforced by a recipe, as well as games and interactive exercises.

Book 4 - He Stood Up For Himself


Bullying is a growing problem in schools across America. We must teach our children responsible ways to stand up for themselves in the face of challenges. This story is a great way to talk about the issue of bullies on many levels. From the personal response to the community’s responsibility this book is a holistic approach to a social-emotional epidemic.

The interactive portion of this children’s book contains a crowd favorite recipe, anti-bully contract and an awesome color me pages.

Book 5 - Allergy Season


What are allergies and why do so many children have them? Where do they come from and how do you deal with them? For many years children and adults had no answers, no solutions and no clue about what to do about allergies. This book cleverly displays the problem and gives simple natural solutions to an increasing epidemic. This story is reinforced by exercises and a recipe to engage children and adults. The Get Well Johnny Book Series is a must have for families and educators looking to initiate young minds into the world of health and wellness.

Book 6 - Where Does All The Water Go?


Follow the cycle of water through its various stages. Understand why water conservation and preservation is important and how you can save water too. Water is conscious and aware of its journey through the skies to our city pipes and beyond.

The interactive portion contains a fun recipe as well as games and exercises.